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The fashion world witnesses several trends, from playful outfits to color-blocked attire, but the jumpsuits and co ords trend has caught the eye of everyone. The styles aren’t new; they have been there for a while and are particularly trendy with fashion influencers and celebrities alike. Despite their popularity in the 1970s and 1980s, the coordinated co-ords and jumpsuit trend has recently been reinvigorated in terms of style, color, cuts, and prints. They make you look effortlessly stylish and eliminate the confusion of matching the outfits. The best part is that jumpsuits and co-ord sets are suitable for every occasion, whether a lunch date, movie night, office meeting or any event. These are must-have wardrobe essentials for every woman as they are versatile and a great way to show off your style while staying comfortable. With that said, here are some beautiful jumpsuits and co-ord sets for women.

Dress and Skirt Co-Ord Set

A skirt and top pair is typically the first thing that comes to mind when choosing a co-ord set, but there are various styles to explore.
Choose a black and white printed two-piece outfit with an ankle-length skirt and a long-sleeved blouse with puffed sleeves to make a style statement.
Pair it up with high-heeled pumps or ankle-strapped sandals for a classic style. For a casual style, pair it with white sneakers.

Color Blocking Co-Ord Set

Are you looking for that exciting statement co-ord attire? Choose a color-blocking set. It helps you create a bold look and revive your appearance.
Moreover, color blocking co-ord set helps you disguise areas you are not keen on showing off and gives you a slimming effect.
Pair the set with nude heels and a sling bag when heading out with friends. Pair the set with heels and minimal accessories for a party look, and you are good to go.

Floral Printed Cor-Ord Set

You will see more floral prints this summer, and in the last blog, we talked about floral print dresses. Here we take on to floral printed co-ord set.
Floral print attire exudes elegance and never runs out of style, and this floral print pant and trench coat co-ord set is one of them.
Be a head turner at the party by wearing this attire and completing the look with beige sandals, a handbag, and minimal accessories.

Print Patchwork Co-Ord Set

Print patchwork in floral is a forever trend, and the polyester fabric gives it a stunning look.
This co-ord set has an O-neck top with long bishop sleeves and skorts [shorts-cum-skirt].
The outfit is very fashionable and will give you a girly look.
Complete the look by wearing strapped sandals, dangling earrings, and a light-colored handbag.

Beige Jumpsuit

Simple yet sophisticated, the beige jumpsuit is unsurprisingly one of the best-selling. An O-neckline, long sleeves, and skinny pants keep it classy.
Add a few jewelry pieces and heels to dress up for a formal occasion, or toss on a hat and sandals for the weekend. With various color options, this affordable jumpsuit is a no-brainer to stock up on.

Casual Jumpsuit

The weekend calls for effortless style, and casual jumpsuits for women accomplish it in spades.
You can choose many styles in casual jumpsuits, so pick one that resonates with your personality and mood. Linen for long hours out, bright prints for brunch, floral for picnics, and you will have a jumpsuit you can rely on throughout the summer.

Office-Friendly Jumpsuit

If you are back at the office, shifting your wardrobe back into 9 to 5 mode during the summer might be challenging. A chic, sleek jumpsuit is the antidote.
When you choose one, look for polished details like waist ties and lapels, and go for solid summer colors like light blue, pale pink, classic khaki, or off-white.


These are the must-have jumpsuits and co ords in every woman’s wardrobe to slay through the summer and fall. These ensembles are comfortable and airy and will quickly become your wardrobe staples.
If you want to buy good quality co-ord sets and jumpsuits at an affordable price, Beecollectibles is your destination. We have a beautiful collection to fill in your wardrobe.